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All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 2001, we have been refining our techniques to cut costs and improve our application processes on airports, roadways and parking lots.


Our Mission

Bead Pro strives to provide the most efficient and durable product unique to the industry. We have spent years perfecting the design so that we could use and share with a valuable purpose in mind. “Save cost and stop waste.”

The Medium Bead Shield in action at Colorado Springs Airport 2018

BeadPro Shields have made an incredible impact on my bead application rates. I can even paint in windy conditions!
— Thomas McLeod, Airport Striping Professional

What We've Achieved

  • Perfect application at winds of 30+ MPH

  • Minimal overshoot with direct-to-edge adjustments.

  • First-try application with perfect embedment into paint.

  • Quick release functionality.

  • External adjustment capability.

  • 30% Savings on glass bead cost!